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The Consortium for Clinical Research and Innovation, Singapore (CRIS) strengthens synergies and develops strategies for national clinical research and translation programmes that are under the stewardship of the Ministry of Health. It is a subsidiary of the Ministry of Health Holdings (MOHH).

At CRIS, we develop your career in tandem with your aspirations.

We are looking for great people who are passionate about advancing clinical research and innovation. From translational funding and strategic guidance, to scientific and operational study support, there is a role for everyone dedicated to impact change.

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About Our Programmes


The Singapore Clinical Research Institute (SCRI) was established in 2008 as the national academic clinical research organisation to enhance the standards of clinical research in Singapore. In 2021, it was appointed as the national coordinating body to implement the national clinical trial strategy and enhance clinical trial ecosystem.



Precision Health Research, Singapore (PRECISE) was established in 2020 as the central entity to coordinate a whole-of- government effort to implement Phase II of Singapore’s 10-year National Precision Medicine (NPM) strategy.



The National Health Innovation Centre Singapore (NHIC) was established in 2014 as a nationally appointed Innovation and Enterprise Office that works with Public Healthcare Institutions across Singapore to identify, develop and commercialise promising clinical innovations to benefit patients and improve healthcare delivery.



The Singapore Translational Cancer Consortium (STCC) was established in 2020 as a nationally coordinated consortium to synergise cancer research capabilities in Singapore, bringing together unmatched basic, clinical and translational talent to create globally significant peaks of excellence in selected Asian cancers.



The Advanced Cell Therapy and Research Institute, Singapore (ACTRIS) was established in 2020 to meet the increasing clinical demand of using cellular therapeutics to treat various life-threatening diseases. It facilitates the discovery, process development and manufacturing of cellular-based therapeutics across the broad spectrum of immunotherapy and regenerative medicine.



The Cardiovascular Disease National Collaborative Enterprise (CADENCE) was established in 2023 as a national clinical translational programme aimed at synergising cardiovascular research and technology capabilities across Singapore.


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Requisition No. Sort descending Title Date
858 Senior/Quality Operations Specialist, ACTRIS 8 Jul 2024
857 Senior/ Executive, Strategic Development & Communications, ACTRIS 27 Jun 2024
856 Coordinator, Translational Services, ACTRIS 27 Jun 2024
855 Senior / Laboratory Officer, Translational Services, ACTRIS 27 Jun 2024
854 Cell / Assay Specialist, Translational Services, ACTRIS 27 Jun 2024
851 Manager, Innovation & Enterprise (Medtech) 28 Jun 2024
848 Manager, Planning
848 Manager, Planning 26 Jun 2024
26 Jun 2024
847 Senior/Quality Specialist (Training and Document Control), ACTRIS 12 Jul 2024
846 Senior/Quality Engineering Specialist, ACTRIS 8 Jul 2024
842 Senior/Quality Systems Specialist, ACTRIS 12 Jul 2024
839 Project Manager (Clinical Trials), SCRI 3 Jul 2024
792 Senior Executive / Assistant Manager, Corporate Communications 20 Jul 2024
779 Senior / Clinical Research Coordinator 29 Jun 2024
769 Quality Control Manager, ACTRIS 13 Jul 2024
696 Manager, Laboratory and Production, ACTRIS 1 Jul 2024
676 Assistant Manager/Manager, Quality Operations, ACTRIS 5 Jul 2024
675 Assistant Manager, Strategic, Planning and Development Unit (CADENCE) 23 Jul 2024
444 Laboratory Officer, Laboratory & Production, ACTRIS 12 Jul 2024